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St. Patty’s: Are You a Traditionalist or a Creative?


So St. Patty’s is coming up. When I think of the holiday I think of two things: beer and corned beef. In my house it is all about the corned beef. I get that the Irish get a bad wrap for having bland food. But honestly in the last cold weeks of the year when spring is so close almost every fiber of your being longs for it, you need the hearty comfort food they excel at making. So, I put this to you, how will you be celebrating St. Patty’s? Are you a traditional boiled corned beef kind of person? Or, are you like me, willing to try something new?

In the McCutcheon house this year it is a showdown between the two. Mama McCutcheon will be on the traditionalist side. She is known for her corned beef. It literally makes Papa McCutcheon go weak in the knees every year. On the other side is me. I will be wipping up a non-traditional corned beef with apricot preseves recipe I have heard is so good it will make your head spin. Next week this showdown will commence. There will be potatoes. There will be Guinness. There will be corned beef in all its glory. Will it be the traditionalist or the creative that takes the cake?

Let us know if you have any creative ways of celebrating the holiday? And, if you are really ambitious plan on using McCutcheon’s products in your irish culinary creations?


2 thoughts on “St. Patty’s: Are You a Traditionalist or a Creative?

  1. I am so torn, I wish I could come over and try them both. I think I’m going to try to make both, what’s the recipe for yours?

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