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What is a Quince?

It is known as the fruit of love in Greek mythology, is believed to be the actual  forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden, and has orgins older than that of its cousin the apple. But what exactly is a quince?

A quince, or cydonia oblonga, is small hard, acidic, astringent tree fruit resembling a small pear that is often grown in the middle east. Quinces come into season in early to mid autumn and are great to use in fall cooking.

Unlike the pear, quince cannot be cosumed raw but needs to be cooked down to reduce the acidity of the fruit. During the cooking process the fruit changes from a white color to the warm red we know from our own Quince Jelly here at McCutcheon’s. When prepared properly, quinces have a unique tartness that is simply all its own.

So what do you do with Quince Jelly?

Of course, there is PB&J. But if you are feeling more creative:

  • Spoon in a couple tablespoons to your apple pie filling to add a touch of tartness.
  • Glaze a pie shell with it.
  • Grill Lamb chops with a Quince Jelly and rosemary sauce
  • Roast a Turkey rubbed down with Quince Jelly before you pop it in the oven.
  • Make a decadent Summer treat of Strawberries served with Quince Cream

To purchase quince jelly to use in your own kitchen, click here to visit our online shop.


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